Louis Chen

Hi, welcome to my website! I’m a PhD student in Operations Research, and my advisor is Professor David Simchi-Levi. I will be on the academic job market 2018-2019. My research work is in the area of operations/revenue management. More specifically, I have been studying the problem of optimal decision-making under uncertainty in operations areas like inventory, scheduling, and networks. My focus has been using data and/or distributional information to design informative (and tractable) optimization models.

Research Interests

(Data-Driven) Distributionally Robust Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Convex Optimization, (Discrete) Convex Analysis, Optimal Transport

Ongoing Project(s)

  • Distributionally Robust Max-Flows (w/ Will Ma, James Orlin, David Simchi-Levi)
  • Distributionally Robust Omni-channel Inventory Management (a collaboration with Alibaba’s Hema, Hanzhang Qin, Zirun Zhang)
  • Distributionally Robust Inventory Network (w/ Peter Yun Zhang)